Inspection Preparation

Inspection Preparation


Some initial preparation is required to conduct an inspection.  When setting up for the inspection, notify the seller that the following preparations are needed 24 hours in advance of your arrival:


1.                 Add fresh water to fill the fresh water tank at or greater than 1/4 full.

2.                Empty both gray and black holding tanks.

3.                Provide enough propane to run the furnace, stove and hot water heaters. If  the RV has a propane generator, provide enough propane to run the generator for 30 minutes to one hour.

4.                Add enough fuel for a 10 to 15 mile test drive.

5.                Provide an awning pull rod, keys or any tools required for normal operation of all RV components. If electronic devices have remote controls, provide batteries with adequate power to operate devices.

6.                Position RV on a level surface or level RV in place with levelers.

7.                Connect RV to shore power. (Preferably 30 or 50 amp service)

8.                Turn on refrigerator in the electric (preferred) or gas mode.

9.                Turn icemaker on (if present).

10.           Place manuals, remote controls or other devices in clear view in the RV.

11.           Provide maintenance records, if available.